North West Ireland is blessed with one of the most varied and beautiful coastlines in Ireland which is bathed in the effects of the warm and crystal clear North Atlantic Drift Current.

The shoreline varies from golden Atlantic storm beaches, quiet estuaries and bays to deep water, kelp strewn rock marks. This all means that our waters are inhabited by numerous species of fish which afford the shore angler a broad range of opportunities.

There are also many marks for the deep sea fisherman varying from sand and shingle banks through rising rocky reefs to deep water wreck fishing. A number of speciem records including a 440kg line caught Bluefin tuna caught in Donegal Bay in October 2001 while the Inishowen Head area is excellent for tope fishing. Other species regularly caught include pollack, coalfish, wrasse, conger, spurdog, gurnard, rockling, dogfish, ray, plaice, john dory, codling and whiting.

Lough Foyle and it environs mark the boundary between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic and the Loughs Agency is a cross border body that was established in 1999 to manage and develop these waters for all forms of angling and leisure tourism.

There are a number of websites and several downloadable guides that the discerning sea angler will want to view for the best locations to catch particular species and for opportunities to access the shoreline and hire charter boats.

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Thomas McCallion – MFV Stingray

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